Aptitude Test

Aptitude test is a structured assessment aiming at testing job applicants’ capabilities to perform specific tasks such as reading comprehension and numerical analysis, usually under a timed condition.


The assessment results would reflect candidates level of accuracy and task completion, with which employers can take reference to and shortlist candidates with good performance in the assessment for next round of selection process. 


Tips for you: 

  1. Practise online aptitude tests as much as possible to familiarize with the flow and format. 
  2. Take the test in a place without distraction. You should be able to concentrate on tackling the questions and make a good time management.
  3. Don’t panic or rush. Avoid wild guessing as this would reduce your score of accuracy.
  4. Read instruction carefully. Plan how much time to be spent on each questions so that you can make better management of time and enhance your chance of passing the test.


Good news! HSMC has acquired a license for our students to have FREE access to full tests in Graduate First, a provider of online aptitude test practice. Simply register an account with your HSMC email address and you can practise 24/7. 

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You can also find below some free resources on the internet for online practices. 

Providers Numerical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
SHL Direct Test Test
AssessmentDay Test 1 ; Test 2 Test 1 ; Test 2
JobTestPrep Test Test
Cubiks Online Assessment Test Test
Institute of Psychometric Coaching Test Test
Practice Aptitude Tests Test Test


Remarks: Students should be aware that companies may adopt varying formats and nature of questions when they set the assessment to identify suitable caliber of candidates.


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