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Job Application Skills - Resume

A resume is one of the key components for you to present to potential employers. It is a summary of your employment history, educational background and competencies to show to the employers that you are an eligible candidate, and then to secure a chance for interview.


Here are some tips of preparing a standard format of a resume. Follow the basic rules and it will greatly reduce the chances of your resume being landed directly to dustbins.

  1. The content should be precise but able to present enough information as needed by employers. You may use sub-headings to organize your profile in specific sections, such as Summary, Education, Work Experience, Extra-Curricular Activities/Voluntary Involvement and Other Skills. Elaborate with examples, preferably with quantifiable achievement.

  2. Keep the CV within two A4 pages, to enable the employers to glance your qualifications at ease.

  3. Avoid too much personal information such as birth dates, marital status, personal health and affiliations. They are usually not important to the job you are applying.

  4. Use simple English and keep it error free. It is important to make sure your employers to understand what you write. Always check with the correct use of grammar and spelling.

  5. Remember to keep the descriptions short and straight to the point. You may use bullet statements when appropriate.  Make good use of action words in the statement.

  6. Be honest with your qualifications and achievements. Your credibility would be ruined if the employers discovered you lie through reference checks or actual interview.

  7. Tailor your resume according to different job posts. Select the relevant experiences, achievements and skills that support your application to the job vacancy.

  8. Proofread and ask someone you trust to review your resume, to make sure others understand the information you try to present.

  9. Keep your CV updated from time to time.

By Careers Office, HSMC


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